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It’s like having an in-house digital
marketing expert at your fingertips.

Consumable Content

Creating relevant, useful content delivered to your audience in the context of a story. Thus, allowing your prospects to become informed customers based on the information you are providing.

Brand Awareness

Building a strong brand that generates trust by creating a captivating story and drawing your audience to your business. Brand awareness is what drives people to trust and feel good about your product or service.

Digital Marketing

Applying a multichannel approach to digital channels such as search engines, social media and email to connect with current and prospective customers to achieve your business goals

About Lisa

I have had a side hustle for as long as I can remember.

In high school, I learned how to make mums and garters (it’s a Texas thing) and sell them to all my friends.

In college, I sold imported home decor items in a craft shop

I had a cake business, photography business, digital design business, and many things in between.

Marketing has always been my passion! It’s my background and my expertise.

But I always had a full-time job, all the while thinking…one day I will do this full-time!

I allowed my fear of the unknown prevent me from creating my dreams into reality.
I always stopped short of jumping all in 100%.

A few months ago I found myself unemployed -2020 has been full of the unexpected!

And I finally felt enough confidence to jump in and take my side hustle full-time!

I have transformed the digital marketing presence for numerous clients and I can do the same for you!

My name is Lisa Williams and being an entrepreneur is in my blood.

Having that determined mindset, along with the skill set, the education and the experience in digital marketing, allows me to be your digital marketing expert to create strategies and help drive business for you.

Everyone wants more business, more connections, and more content but not everyone knows how to achieve this goal or can allocate the time … that’s where I come in!

Drawing on my digital marketing experience, I help entrepreneurs create a plan of action to develop their social presence, increase brand recognition, and take them to the next level.

Working with me gives you the ability to focus on what you do best, your business!

I bring my positivity, optimism, and creative energy to the table helping you build your brand, create consumable content, and manage your digital marketing.

What are you waiting for? Email me at or set-up a complimentary virtual call to learn how I can help transform your digital marketing.

What Our Clients Think

Lisa has been a great asset to our company, she’s consistently coming up with fresh ideas to create a better brand for our business.  She’s never afraid to stretch our business model and create lasting impressions of our business to our clients

Mark M

North Texas Leadership Development Academy partnered with It’s Simply Digital in Q4 2020 to work on simplifying the digital marketing and streamlining the offerings. We are happy to recommend the diligent services and genuine approach of understanding the customer experience and simplifying the customer journey through adding value.

Raed S

Lisa overdelivered in helping me market my business. She made sure all of the details were taken care of and went the extra mile to make sure I had success. Lisa is a gem with a wealth of knowledge. She provided tremendous value for my business.

Lynn P

If you are looking for a cookie-cutter marketing agency, DO NOT choose It’s Simply Digital. Lisa and her team go the extra mile. She has used her creativity and industry knowledge to create a personalized marketing strategy for our company. From social media, to blogs, to newsletters, to podcasts and beyond, I am still trying to find something she can’t do! With Lisa, it doesn’t feel like I am outsourcing, it feels like she is part of our team!

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