Is Your Brand Answers-Ready?

“Best breakfast restaurant near me that is open and serves omelets?”

On a recent trip to Sedona, AZ, this was an actual search I typed into Google.

As consumers, we expect technology to answer complex queries with a greater degree of specificity than ever. Search engines are reframing our expectations, and the bar is getting higher.

Can your brand answer questions with an enhanced level of specificity that buyers have come to anticipate? If not, you are not going to reach the people making the decisions in those complex searches.

Detailed search inquiries indicate that the buyer is ready to make a purchase, and your brand needs to be prepared to answer those questions.

As in my search above, consumers are looking for exact answers. I did not just want a restaurant near me, I wanted a breakfast restaurant that was open, that served omelets, and that was highly rated. Your brand must have answers; and, in order to do that, your brand needs to be answer ready as:

·  65% of website traffic comes from search

·  90% of consumers report using search at every stage of the buyer journey

·  60% of searches contain four words or more

·  Natural language phases convert at 3X the rate of single keywords

·  Buyers who use search are 2.5X more likely to covert over those that don’t

The words “near me” and “best” have seen an 85% increase in Google searches, and, as a result, consumer actions have increased by 40% from 2017-2020.

When you present your brand information correctly in a comprehensive format across all platforms, it allows you to showcase your product or service regardless of where your buyers are.

Can your brand answer the questions that your customers are asking?

If your brand can’t answer the questions your buyers are looking for, they are going to find it elsewhere and you risk losing business to the competition. Therefore, brands need to be knowledgeable, accommodating, and visible.

Third-party listings can only provide so much information. However, creating landing pages with content that your buyer is searching for makes it easier to find the information and is easier to rank for those high-intent & complex searches.

When linking the data on your landing pages to third party listings, you create a powerful pairing that could have an incremental impact on your Google search views.

When your brand provides accurate information online and can answer multi-dimensional questions your buyers might ask, your website will be answer-ready.

Your buyer’s journey starts with a question, and they are searching for answers online; make sure your brand is answer-ready.
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